Make your life easier!

You will save precious time thanks to Autosplog for LinkFarmEvolution! You will build an extremely efficient network made of thousands of blogs AT ONCE, saving time guaranteed.

  • Automated Linking

    Automated Linking

    Automated Linking of your splogs networks!

  • Unique contents

    Unique contents

    Scrapping and transforming of your text to make it unique ready.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use

    As easy to use as the basic hooks for LFE

  • 100% compatible

    100% compatible

    Full integration to your LFE, XRUMER, SENUKE, ZENNOPOSTER, SICK SUBMITTER install, 100% compatible, guaranteed.

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AutoSplog Work With :

autosplog work with LinkFarmEvolution, Xrumer, Zennoposter, Sick Submitter, Senuke

  • What is AutoSplog?

    What is AutoSplog?

    AutoSplog is a hook for the infamous LinkFarm Evolution,it allows automation when creating a site network and to make the process incredibly faster. Autosplog also work with XRUMER, SENUKE, ZENNOPOSTER, SICK SUBMITTER

  • How does AutoSplog work?

    How does AutoSplog work?

    You just have to pick your keywords, choose the urls you want to link, and Autosplog will scrap contents related to those keywords, autolink your blogs/websites among themselves using the text anchors you choose, in the fastest and easiest way.

  • Why do I need it?

    Why do I need it?

    AutoSplog will make your life a lot easier by doing everything for you: you will save time and get to the next level much faster.