What is AutoSplog for ?
Autosplog is a content generator. That bot will write contents that will appear as unique to Google and create the links your website needs, and even create linkwheels in order to send juice towards the pages that are already backlinking you.

Do I need to own LinkFarm Evolution?
NO, Auto-splog is standalone, you can then use it as an add-on to LFE, or you can use it with Xrumer, Zennoposter, Sick submiter or senuke X.

Creating a LFE campaign usually requires at least one hour for me, how long will it take to create one with Autosplog?
Thanks to the generator you will get in your customer account, creating a blast will take you no longer than 3 minutes. All you have to do is type in your urls and the keywords you want to use.

Do I have to write the contents myself ?
Of course not, the bot will handle everything, just type in the keywords to use and the requested language if needed, you can also provide you own spin text.

Will contents be unique?
The AutoSplog bot will crawl the web for your keywords and only save the contents it regards as relevant, and then mix them in the smartest possible way using an algorithm which has been tested and improved over a year.

How many words may I use?
You can use as many words as you wish, but we advise you not to use more than 6, otherwise the script might get slown down.

Can I get blacklisted using AutoSplog ?
No you can't. The only thing that might hinder you would be sending too many links over a too short timespan.

What it the required server configuration needed to use Autosplog ?
A standard web server + Curl  (usually set on by default) .

May I use Autosplog on my local server running windows?
Yes, you may, however, I advise you to use a webserver running linux.

Can I add a custom touch to the look of my articles?
Yes, of course, you just need to edit the parameters in the “contents generating”tab in the hook generator available in your member's account.

How many links can I insert in my articles through mes articles via AutoSplog?
As many as you wish.

In what languages can I use Autosplog?
AutoSplog works in almost every language you might encounter on the web.

I am newbie, will I be able to use Autosplog?
Yes, you will, AutoSplog has been designed to be as simple and efficient as possible, the only complex thing being its algorithm which you will not have to deal with.

I need to create complex linkwheels, can Autosplog do it?
Yes, of course. Being very demanding ourselves, have designed AutoSplog in a way it can make every imaginable linkwheel design possible!

How much does AutoSplog cost?
AutoSplog only costs 24,90€ a month, which will be charged on your paypal account.

Are there any hidden fees ?
No, you never get to pay anything more than those 24,90€ a month.

How easy is it to cancel my subscription to your service?
You just have to login to you paypal account and click on the cancel subscription link in your profile.

Is there any customer support for AutoSplog?
Yes there is, we provide free support through the forum and you will get an answer within the next 24h business hours, most likely within the following hour, but it is very unlikely you will need any assistance at all since Autosplog is so easy to use!
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